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Sat 9/23: Being on Mission with the Jesuits

You are cordially invited to be on mission with the Jesuits. No, not a mission where you must leave your family, home, or work, but a mission, nonetheless. Of course, before accepting, you’d like to know first what that mission is, right?

On Saturday, September 23 in Saint Peter Hall, on the campus of Saint Peter's University, from 9:00am to 1:00pm with lunch included, you’ll get a chance to understand what it might mean for you to be on mission with the Jesuits.

Perhaps you’ve gotten a hint already of the shape of this Jesuit mission, particularly if you’ve heard about the Four Jesuit Universal Apostolic Preferences or UAP’s: Showing the Way to God; Walking with the Excluded, Journeying with Youth, Caring for our Common Home.

Come and join our Jesuit friends and learn about how these four UAP’s came about, what each of them mean, and what they might mean for St. Aedan’s parish, Saint Peter’s University, and for you personally as a St. Aedan’s parishioner, as a Peacock, or as someone who may simply be interested in what the Jesuits are about in today’s day and age.

To register, please click here. Seating is limited so do not delay.

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