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Good Friday: "It is not your promised heaven that moves me to love you"

"It is not your promised heaven that moves me to love You..."

So begins the 16th century Spanish poem "Soneto a Cristo crucificado", commonly attributed to St. Francis Xavier. Of it, Fr. Andy Downing, S.J., says: "It is a prayer that asks to be moved to a real love for Christ -- not just a love for what Christ gives, and not just love out of fear of punishment. It speaks of a love of God that has deepened and been purified, so that it loves God for his own sake, because God is so loveable."

On Good Friday, we are reminded that Jesus chose to go into the darkest depths of human suffering -- a choice he made out of love. And on this Good Friday in this time of fear, isolation, suffering and loss, let us remember that Jesus has known this pain -- and that he is there for us as we make our way through.

We offer you this song to accompany you in your prayer this Good Friday. In reflecting on Jesus' love for us that led him to the cross, may our love for Jesus be deepened as well.

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