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Easter Sunday: "Still we sing Alleluia"

"In the weariness of now, we still find a voice somehow to sing Alleluia."

Every year on Easter Sunday, we revel in uttering "ALLELUIA" for the first time in 40 days. But in this strange time of fear, anxiety, isolation, and loss, it can be difficult to even say that word. How can we do it?

The answer lies in Easter itself. In rising from the tomb, Jesus conquered darkness, death, and sin, and showed that light, life and love have the last word. Steadfast in our belief that God will prevail over these trying times, how can we help but sing Alleluia?

This Easter Sunday, we hope this song written by Paulo K Tiról and sung by Joseph Legaspi accompany your prayer as we all patiently anticipate the triumph of light and love -- and as we do, sing ALLELUIA.

A blessed Easter to all.

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