REGISTRATION IS CLOSED for the 2020-'21 religious education program.



This Fall, Religious Education at St. Aedan’s Parish will occur online through two monthly class meetings on Zoom. Once a month, students and parents will be provided with a reflection activity on the Religious Education webpage. Parents and children are also encouraged to attend our Family Mass once a month (in person or virtually). We will continue to evaluate the needs and possibilities for in-person Religious Education with the mandates from the Archdiocese and the State Government. Please read below for the format and expectations for our Virtual Religious Education Program.

Format for Virtual Religious Education


  1. Classes will meet twice a month on Zoom (classes will be 30-45 minutes long)

    • Class sizes will be determined by enrollment and teacher availability.

    • Meeting times will be determined by the consensus of the parents with the teacher.

    • Attendance will be taken for each Zoom class.

  2. Classes will not begin until September 27th.

  3. Every month, a short reflection/activity will be posted on the Religious Education webpage for students/families to complete and submit to their teacher.

  4. Families are also encouraged to attend the Family Mass once a month if they can.

  5. The cost for Religious Education is $40 for one child, $70 for two, and $100 for three or more children.

  • You may pay for Religious Education online through Parish Giving.

  • Please contact the Parish office if you need any financial aid.

Expectations for Virtual Religious Education


  1. If students cannot make a zoom meeting, a parent or guardian should inform their teacher. Attendance is taken for each class.

  2. During Zoom Classes:

    • The student’s video must be on at all times.

    • The student must be dressed in a presentable manner.

    • The student cannot change their username for the video conferences.

    • The student will not engage in other chats or instant messaging.

    • An adult (whether a parent/guardian or some other adult) will be in the same room as the student.

  3. Parents/Students are responsible for completing short reflections/assignments outside of the zoom classes. These reflections/assignments are required for the completion of the Religious Ed Program.

  4. Families are encouraged to attend the new Family Mass at St. Aedan’s once a month either in person or virtually in accordance with current health and social distancing concerns.

Digital Communication Policy of the Archdiocese of Newark

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the Archdiocese of Newark continues to serve the young people of St. Aedan's: the Saint Peter's University Church of Jersey City, NJ.


Parish program facilitators will deliver virtual programming and content for its participants, through online platforms. The program(s) will use software, tools and applications provided by third-parties that participants, parents/legal guardians, volunteers and/or staff will access via the internet and use for purposes of communication, programming, and potential content creation. These platforms may include but are not limited to: Google Classroom, GoToMeeting, Webex, and Zoom.

To enroll in any of these programs, you must provide your consent and release for your child to participate in these online applications for distance-based, virtual program purposes. Please be aware that each application collects different information about its users and has its own privacy terms and conditions to which members must adhere and which parish or diocese cannot control or assume responsibility. Please review these carefully before registering your child.


Our commitment to keeping the children and youth we serve safe is always our number one priority. To that end, we will actively monitor participant activity of children while engaged in our digital learning platforms. It is parents’ responsibility to monitor their child’s internet usage as a whole, including their use of any internet sites that are outside of our digital learning platforms. All online activities contemplated hereunder must also comply with the Archdiocese of Newark Safe Environment Protocols and must also follow any use requirements developed by the Archdiocese of Newark and/or the Department for the Protection of the Faithful.

Contact Information


Please contact the Parish Office with any questions you may have about our Religious Education Program.

Please print, sign, and submit these two forms to the Parish Office (or scan and email to to signify your consent to the Archdiocese's Digital Communication Policy.