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Forward in Faith Together: Our Road Ahead

Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Newark and our Archbishop, is announcing today a new initiative called FORWARD IN FAITH TOGETHER: Our Road Ahead. It is a broad pastoral plan that seeks to establish a foundation for healing, to help alleviate the hurt and mistrust within our community, to reinforce the changes we have begun to implement, and to provide a firm foundation for our missionary lives. FORWARD IN FAITH TOGETHER will ensure that we thrive as a community of missionary disciples, companions of our Risen Lord.

Click the image below to read the letter from Cardinal Tobin about this initiative.

The work of FORWARD IN FAITH TOGETHER is supported by six key pillars, each representing an area of action that calls for our continuing commitment. They are: 1) Protection of Minors and Seminarians; 2) Accountability, Transparency and Communication; 3) Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning; 4) Lifelong Faith Formation and Education; 5) Ongoing Formation/Support of Clergy; and 6) Active Engagement of the Laity. In the coming weeks, detailed steps for each of these pillars will be posted at

To learn more about the six pillars, click the image below.

Now, more than ever, we need to depend on God’s gracious care. Please join me in praying for our parishioners, clergy, lay ministers, religious women and men, parishes, schools and all the wonderful works of our Archdiocese.

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