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Easter Vigil: "This is the night of new beginnings"

This is the night of new beginnings! This is the night of our new birth!

Every year, we start the Easter Vigil with a darkened church. Then we hear these words and light the Paschal candle -- and soon the light spreads throughout the church as the flame is passed on from person to person. It is a beautiful reminder of God's saving light throughout the story of our faith: from the moment God created light and said, "It is good", to the feast of Easter when Jesus' light overcame the darkness of death.

We will not be unable to witness that image of a thousand candles flickering in church this year -- but we hope that on this eve of Easter, this song reminds us all that Christ is indeed our light, shining on a church gathered not in a stone building, but in a faith that burns for Him.

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